Calling all Oregon and Washington FRC Teams


To all of you Oregon Teams, I want to compile a list of all of the Oregon FRC Teams so that i can get more local information from you guys so that we can help each other more. you can also go off of the list that is created by the responses from this thread.

Ian Heffron
Team 2811

FIRST seems to be ahead of you on this one. is a list searchable by area and competition. There are currently 33 teams in Oregon and 59 in Washington.

Do you know everything?

No, I just have too much experience. Way too much…

(I’ve personally seen every game since 1999, and I was hanging out in the shop in 1998. I was only on a team from 2003-2007 officially as a student, and 2008 as a mentor.)

No offense but you don’t have a life

You will soon learn that robotics is life…

Actually, I happen to be in college at this time, and active on the school Aero Design team. I just happened to have some homework tonight, so I split time between homework and CD.

Wow this guy is rude. Close this thread he has his answer.

Really? Where do you go to school Eric?
I am interested in Aerospace design and that area of engineering.
How are you able to mentor a team if you are in college?

Move to a PM please?

I did.