Calling all PHP/ASP programmers!

** The openFIRST Vocation**

This is a call to all PHP/ASP programmers in the CD community.

openFIRST is looking for any kind of PHP/ASP programmer. Doesnt matter if you are intermediate or advanced, we need more help to expand the modules of the system.

For 3 months Tim Ginn and I (David Di Biase) have worked to build the base modules of openFIRST. Sinc we have completed the base modules we would like to open the project to the CD community and request the support of anyone who would like to help.

Creating Modules

We ask that people be as creative as they can in creating the modules. You can make anything you wish. If you cant think of anything then here is a list of recommended modules:

  • openFIRST.designer: a module that builds and maintaines the header and footer files in /base/config/

  • openFIRST.scout: a module that connects to the FIRST Scouting Network and displays information. (

  • openFIRST.resources: a module that allows you to maintain team resources

  • openFIRST.downloads: a download organizer and catagorizer.

  • openFIRST.pagemaker: an administrative module that allows to create pages and information without editing HTML (implementin of WYSIWYG functions with openFIRST). Basically a minor CMS for page management.

  • openFIRST.scorestream: a module that allows you to retrieve and sort score data from the FIRST website.

  • openFIRST.migrator: a module to migrate information from old team websites into newly installed openFIRST team databses.

These are just examples but again the floor is open to your imagination.

Learn to Create Modules

In order to learn how to create a module you must install the openFIRST system for testing. Once you have done that you can find a complete module dedicated to the openFIRST manual and how to create new modules for the system.

Submitting Modules

Once you have developed a module you may send it to one of the teams developers who are listed on We will review the module, audit it (to comply with our standards of code) then if it approved we may place it on the openFIRST website and released with the basic openFIRST modules.

You will be fully credited with the development of the module and your team will be recognized for its contribution to the cause.

openFIRST-ASP Founders

We are looking for a team that will take charge of the openFIRST-ASP component. We are looking for atleast 3 developers who are excellent with ASP who can build the complete openFIRST system in ASP. The team that contacts us first will get recognition as a founding openFIRST member.

looks very cool. I just downloaded all the fles from source forge so i’ll look at the module basics type thing. Looks like a cool project, and i might be interested in helping

Thanks. Yeh remember though, the nightlies still have some minor bugs (that we are aware of and are fixing).

Your interest is reassuring and we do need a lot more programmers. So encourage anyone you know to help and support the project.

If you have questions dont be afraid to ask them in this thread.

So this is an ASP and PHP only thing? No perl for example?

when i tried to install openfirst, the globals php file it created had an error on line 50:

foreach (glob(getcwd() . "/../../config/functions/*.php") as ){

im assuming that after the as there should be a $filename. I threw it in and it seemed to work, but you ghuys might want to fix that. I am also gettign warning messages about the session starting and ending about there being no such file or dirrectory. I’m not sure if this is a server configuration error or not, but i am testing on my home server and have never delt with sessions on it, so im leaning twords it being my system. And because my sessions aren’t working i can’t set up modules, and im not exactly sure whatyou ment by the manual module, as there wasn’t one on source forge and can’t seem to see anyhting on my HD. This thing still looks pretty shnazzy though :slight_smile: hope to be coding some stuff asap.

ok, i figured out what is wrong with the session_start() command. Someone left a comment on the php manual boards and for anyone running XP they should change the session.save_path in the php.ini file from

session.save_path = /tmp
session.save_path = “C:\Windows\Temp”

This makes the function work. You also may want to keep this in mind for a FAQ or installation troubleshooting section. :slight_smile:

So this is an ASP and PHP only thing? No perl for example?

No, no! Well originally I thought we should base our energy to ASP/PHP development. If someone knows another language very well and would like to create the openFIRST equivelant for it then your welcomed to go ahead.

The way we would handle multiple language development would be to use the same repository for every language, except every module will be set apart with -[language name]. For example base-asp/ or messenger-perl/ or members-aspnet/.

Note that if you decide to lead the development for creating openFIRST in another language you will be responsible to handle its completion, and website management. You will get support from the rest of the team but you will act as the main “hub” of communication for development.

Note that you will also be completely credited for any work that you do complete and your team and name will be recorded as a founding-member.

If you are interested you may contact me directly, so that I may set you up with a sourceforge account and access to the CVS and http site.

*Originally posted by Trashed20 *
**when i tried to install openfirst, the globals php file it created had an error on line 50:

foreach (glob(getcwd() . "/../../config/functions/*.php") as ){

This is caused by a typo in config/first.php. To make the install work, on line 93 change $filename to $filename

I downloaded openFIRST today, and liked it very much. The project has a lot of potential. I would definitely like to help out. I can code in both PHP and ASP (including .Net). Personally, I think right now the priority should be given to PHP development to make it easier to “translate” to ASP, and to keep the code more or less consistent in the two versions.

Hmm again. The system you downloaded is actually the OLD depreciated openFIRST.

We have not made a new release as of yet but you can download the system on the nigtlies.

You must download the full system package here:

I found that already :smiley: The new version is much better :wink:

yes, yes it it :slight_smile:

Well for those people who want to write modules for the project then please add me to your MSN: [email protected].

just downloaded the nightly - i’ll look into it

(added you to MSN - mine’s [email protected])

Well, I am an ASP programmer, but i’m in the midst of this thing called FIRST and would love to contribute, but, for the next month i am sorta booked. I do have a nice little ASP based calendar module that might be a nice addition, but would need be reworked (documented) a tad before it’s ready for public use. Can you throw me on your list and contact me in a month or so? Sounds like fun.

I’d help with ASP all i can, but i just founded this rookie team in tampa with little to no engineering support so after the 6 weeks I will probably be able to help…

Great to see so much support now. Its a bit into the build session of the year but we would be glad to get the ASP development going.

As you may or may not know the PHP development is going very well, nearing completion as a matter of fact. I will need someone who is willing to lead the openFIRST-ASP project, and a few developers who will dedicate their time to build the ASP equivelant of the PHP code.

If you are interested contact me asap.