Calling all PNW Media/Imagery Leads! Teams 2976 and 7461 invite you to make merch with us!

Hello! I’m Alex, the Imagery on team 2976, and I’ve been working with the media team at 7461 to invite as many PNW region teams as possible to a collaborative merch effort as sort of a fun side project and fundraiser.

What will we be making?
As of now, it’s not fully set in stone, and all options are on the table. The vision is to create a set of merch that isn’t necessarily FRC or even robotics related merch, but it’s rather to create cool looking products that we’ll be able to sell to our communities. Don’t worry, we are absolutely open to still incorporating FRC/Robotics designs, but it won’t be the sole focus. At the end of the day, we’re here to have some fun and hone our graphic design skills a little more!

Will team branding be on the merch?
Again, like with the last question, it’s hard to tell right now how the merch will end up looking, but tentatively, I’m going to say that team logos and branding will NOT be on most, if not all, of the merch. There is talk about making possibly a single shirt that will have the logos of all contributing teams, but that’s something we can discuss closer to launch time.

What do I need to do?
If you’re a Media/Imagery Lead on your team and you’re interested, join our Discord at this link:

As long as your team contributes in a meaningful way to the project, we’ll distribute profits evenly to you.

I have more questions!
We welcome anyone that isn’t a media lead to join the server anyways if they’d like - especially if you hold a leadership role at your team - to join the Discord server. We’ll address more questions and logistical concerns as they arise at our first meeting, which will (probably) happen some weekend after Bordie Recharge (most likely Sunday, 10/23). You can also drop questions down below in the replies if you’d like, but I can’t guarantee I’ll see them as I check CD like once a month.


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