calling all prediction accounts

need your opinions prediction accounts only thanks

But I need to see the results!

Tight race right now, tied 0-0.

Edit: Still a tight race, I like being wrong is winning but No could catch up

Where’s the compulsory mention of corndogs?

Right there. ^^^^^^

A hot dog is a sausage sandwiched between halves of a roll of bread. Case closed. Move along.

We will not sit idly by and let your facts get in the way of our narrative.


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I don’t think there’s any obscurity here, hot dogs are clearly sandwiches.

I mean, the predictors are voting 4-0 in favour of yes, so…

They may be right, but they’re still wrong.

They are clouded by east coast bias.

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Isn’t the saying… #WeAreNE… which makes it #ECBC

#ECBC = East Coast Bad Coast, right?

I personally prefer the coast in my user title.

I’m not a predictor, so I haven’t voted, but presuming that by a “hot dog” you mean a lightly spiced sausage inserted into a bun, then yes, it is meat between bread, and therefore a sandwich. As it turns out, I had a similar conversation with a co-worker recently. I had purchased a “smoked sausage sandwich” from a barbecue truck at our work site. This sandwich featured about 8 ounces of sausage and 2 of bread, and I commented (not as a complaint) that this was pushing the definition of a sandwich pretty hard. He raised with a “pastrami sandwich” he had purchased at the Carnegie Hall Deli which had about a pound of meat and perhaps only one slice of bread.

Personally, I don’t consider a sandwich to be properly complete/balanced unless it has similar amounts of meat, bread, and fleshy fruit/vegetables (Tomatoes, sauerkraut, and mango salsa all count, as well as a few other ingredients). Therefore, IMHO, a hotdog with bun is officially a sandwich, but not a GOOD sandwich unless it’s covered in a deep stack of sauerkraut and/or relish. (or if I’m not concerned about any traditional values but just personal taste, tomatoes or mango salsa or pineapple).

A quality hot dog on a warm bun with a tall stack of sauerkraut and a nice dash of brown mustard is OH SO SANDWICH.

I like the west coast as much as anybody (3620 and 1918 are two of my favourite teams), but I gotta say this isn’t very nice. Not everybody can be on Lake Michigan.

Scurrilous lies.

Prediction card revoked!

If a sub sandwich can be a sandwich (meat between sliced bun) why can’t a hotdog be a sandwich?

Hotdog is processed meat, it is usually served with buns. It is not a sandwich, okay?

We at the Platter have decided to abstain from this poll as the only food worth discussing is cheese.