Calling all Robotics, Engineering, and Technology Teachers

I am beginning a new endeavor into the world of education in engineering, robotics, and technology. While I have been heavily involved with these types of things for the last decade, it has all been outside of the classroom. I am looking to network with current teachers in these fields for the purposes of curriculum development and resource sharing. Please post here and/or send me a private message if you teach in these fields and can perhaps offer some information about your classes, and the types of topics, materials, projects, assignments, and resources you use.

I am working with apprenticeship programs now, got lots of stuff for machinist, / millwright
it would be great if someone in SoCal got someting happening there.
drop me a line if you are intrested
have fun!

What level are you looking for? University, junior college, high school, etc. I’ve taught a community education class (just for fun, summer enrichment) as a robotics “taster” course, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

Looking for high-school level materials and resources.