Calling all SC FIRST girls!

Hi, we’re Stephanie and Jessica (342 students) in the Charleston, SC area. We recognize that South Carolina girls interested in non-traditional careers have few opportunities for support. We want to build a network to change that!

We’re trying to get girls from across the state together online to discuss some of their experiences in engineering and science activities and possibly talk about some activities we’d like to do as a group (have a guest “speaker” at our chat…). Eventually we’d also like to build a face to face support group initially in Charleston with monthly meetings including fun science activities, sessions with women in the field, possible plant tours, etc while continuing with the online chats.

CHAT INFO: We are going to have a chat on May 22, 2007 @ 8pm at and discuss what activities we’d like to do as a club. Contact us at for a user name and password. is safe for students and educators. Teachers are more than welcome to join in!

Purpose of club: “To encourage and support girls interested in non-traditional careers based in science, math, engineering and technology.”

Age range: 8th to 12th grade

We have a flyer that we’ve been e-mailing to local schools and FIRST teams. If you’d like a copy, just e-mail! Feel free to respond to this thread if we haven’t explained anything clearly or if you’d like more info.

Hey I am in FIRST and I live in SC and I happen to be a girl!!! What a coninkidink!!! So just thought I should post.

Question, will these chats and/or activities be restricted solely to girls? I understand the point of the organization is for girls to encourage other girls’ interests in science and technology, but I don’t think it’s necessary for one to be a girl to participate in said encouragement. I’d love to help out and whatnot, being a FIRSTer in SC and glad to do anything to inspire interest in science and technology in any gender, but I understand the desire to support the females especially.

Please let me know if I can help out,


If you would like to participate, PM me or e-mail us for a username and password!

The club is still trying to decide whether to include male students. I’ll let everbody know, hopefully, by Monday how we will proceed.

Techno Girls Club has decided at the moment to include only female students. Male and female teachers are welcome. We’re trying to create a “safe space” for girls to explore non-traditional careers. We ask boys to simply include and encourage girls when they participate together in activities such as FIRST. Since we’re just beginning as a club, we’re still exploring how we want to proceed. If this decision changes, CD members will definetly hear about it!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated in our last chat. We are having another chat June 19th at 8:00 again at If you are a SC female 8-12 grade student (or a male or female teacher) who would like to participate, please e-mail us at with a username and password you’d like us to set up for you!