Calling all Tech Experts - presentations needed!

I am posting this in Technical Discussion because I’m hoping some of the people who frequent this area will have good presentations to offer the FIRST community…

Some of you might have missed the email blast requesting proposals for presentations at the 2006 FIRST Robotics Conference in Atlanta. If you did miss it, check it out in the FIRST email blasts archive on this site.

We are still in need of some good technical presentations! Many of you have done work in past seasons that might be of interest to other teams, or might be something that you want to share as a great accomplishment. The Conference is a great place to do this!

If you are a student, this is a great chance for you to “step it up” and put together a professional presentation. Imagine that on your resume. If you are a professional (teacher or engineer), this is a chance to formalize what you have done.

The deadline for proposals to [email protected] is going to be extended to January 5th. So you have some time over the holidays to put something together.


Some particular areas of interest that we are still looking for:

  1. Robot Appendages, Arms

  2. Electrical Systems, Wiring

  3. Autonomous Mode developments (programming fundamentals and advanced programming look to be covered already, but we don’t have anything on auto-mode yet)

Ken, I saw this post after I got your Email,
If you need someone to do a piece on Automode, I could do this instead of what we discussed. I have a wealth of insight here…our robots have been autonomous since 1999 even though they never needed to be until 2003.
For our auto modes, we use a finite state machine approach to create the code, which is pretty much the same as how we do create code in the “real world”
Let me know what you think.

I could do that to, although the chances of me having $ to go to atlanta are slim at the moment. I’ll probably stick to my kickoff.

Bill Beatty and I have applied to put on a “Overall Robot Design” presentation. We’ve done this for the past 2 years at Championships and for the past 5 years at the Indiana FIRST Team Workshops.

It’s always an honor to be able to present along with Bill. We hope to help teams get through the process of deciding what robot to build and help them get their project done in time.

Who else is applying to be presenters? It would be interested to hear what others have to talk about.

Andy B.


That sounds really interesting… could you post a whitepaper about it for those of us who would benefit from this before kickoff this year? :smiley:

FIRST has this and other 2005 Championships Conference presentations hosted on their website. Thanks to FIRST for making these available.

Also, they host presentations from the 2004 Championship Conference and presentations from many years of Kickoff Workshops




Darrell and Chris Noble have done a good electrical wiring presentation for the Indiana Forums the last two years and have a nice Power Point in the can. I will talk to them, but I am sure they would be happy to do it in Atlanta.

Mr. Bill

I’ve submitted a proposal to do my “Effective FIRST Strategies for Robot Design and Competition” presentation. Ian Mackenzie and I gave the presentation this past April, but this I’ll be on my own this year. (Ian has a new topic up his sleeve)

The presentation focuses on three major areas, Strategic Design, Match Planning/Execution and Scouting. I’ve always found that these areas are often overlooked my many teams. Following the tips/rules found in this seminar can really take a team to the next level.