Calling it rn... field reset will play four square at comps

i’ll bet everyone $5


why do you make this assumption?

Because the cargo is a kickball?

The spec at Harbison West Elementary was for an 8.5" diameter kickball, as larger balls were tougher to get good control over. But we’re all much larger than fourth graders (source: I work around fourth graders), so it ought to be tolerable.

Also: clean game, no redos, serve to any square.

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That’s actually how ties are decided, you really should read the manual.


lol oh right I didnt think about that

If you’d included dodgeball as an option I don’t think you’d have ANY takers.

Oh, and no cherry bombs (hard, high smashes that are impossible to get to).

Aim for their corner, ezpz.

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Me at SCRIW: BILLFRED! What have I told you about using the field tape to play four square!?

well i’ve been playing four square for the past hour sooo…