Calling multiple programs...

how do i do it? if we have drive code and we wanna use something like pneumatics code, at the same time, how would we code something, if at all possible , that would allow us to call multiple programs at once.

I think you can either use a Notifier or make it a separate task.

Does anyone know where the 2010 Game Animation link is?
-----Help is greatly appreciated.

There are many tutorials to help you better understand multi-tasking on the web.
Workbench has a brief introduction to vxWorks and multi-tasking in the help.
Get to the help by clicking Help->Help Contents.
This will bring up a browser because the help is presented as web pages.
In the browser, expand Wind River Documentation, then Guides, then VxWorks Application Programmer’s Guide.
Note also that all the guides you see there are also provided as PDFs.
Just look for the little ADOBE icon, which will take you there.

Excuse me if I’m underestimating your experience, but from your question, it sounds like you just want to know how the robot program can do multiple tasks, right? The other answers above have all addressed how to do multiple tasks in parallel; what you want to do is not necessarily that, but rather to just have one program that can handle many tasks.

If you haven’t already, I would suggest you start with the “Getting Started” guide:
This document explains the basic templates for developing a robot program, and explains how you can use these templates to partition your code into different functional areas and still have them all run under the control of the same program.

Also, look up how to use the various Example programs that are provided with WindRiver in order to see some working examples of these templates.