Calling on FIRST to help me out :)

Hey everyone…I thought I’d ask you all for a favor. I entered a paint scheme in a NASCAR contest for the Holiday Inn Busch car. I need to rally some votes, because I think my design is really awesome (i wonder why? :P). If you guys could all do that for me I’d really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. As you see, I’m pretty passionate about NASCAR and to win this would be a dream come true.

The link is here and your going to want to search for the entry #14102564.

Again I would really appreciate this, and if you wanna design your own…feel free too!

The website says that the promotion has ended. Is there a link I’m missing?

Hahahaha! Ouch. It must have just ended this morning.
I voted around 2am or so.

Horray for bad timing Greg! :eek: :rolleyes:

That’s about when I voted, too.

Grrr, and I was going to vote too.

double grrr-rr

Think you could post a picture here so those of us that couldn’t vote can still see your paint scheme?

Hey sorry everyone, I never read the fine print as to when the contest ended. Apparently the designs are reviewed by two judges, so I could still have a shot. I thank you all who voted in time, and should’ve checked out the time limit before posting. I’ll try to see if i can get a photo, but since it’s closed out I doubt it.