Calling Rochester Teams!!! Rochester Offseason

We have recreated some interested in holding a Rochester Off Season Event. It will likely be in November so there is planning time, but dates are not in stone yet.

I just sent out an email to team leads recruiting for a committee. However, we have had limited response, so I figured I would post here. If you are interested please EMAIL me. I will try to check PM’s but may not have time before wednesday.

From the Email~~~
Jason Rees (340) and I (1511) have put together some basic ideas, and done some research on other off season events. However, we know that there is a lot of interest out there, and that we could use a lot of help!! So we would like to put together a committee, and invite you to send up to 3 members of your team to our kickoff meeting (We do request that at least one of these members be an adult, and that if you send students, they are your most responsible ones!).


What: Kickoff for the Rochester Off Season Competition
Who: Up to 3 members of every Rochester Team
**When: ** Wednesday, July 20th 6-8pm
Where: XCats Mustard Street Location (see directions)
**Why: ** So we can have some more fun with the robots, so we get the rochester teams to interact, & to have a great time!
Other: FREE Pizza & drinks will be provided!!
**RSVP: ** to Kim O’Toole

I am definitley thinking we should have a Paul Copioli and Joel Johnson combination. MC and Announcer.

From what I have heard (and I’m guessing it’s at least based in fact of some sort) is that FIRST does not allow field “rentals” out past November 1st.

I believe there is a NASA field floating around somewhere for November/December mini’s though if I am not mistaken???

Or, do you have already and/or can make your own by November?

/me stops throwing wrenches into your plans. :eek:
I’ll be quiet now. lol

as one of the people specifically on the Field Committee. We are well aware of the logistics of Field rental, Mike Wade’s Field and what it takes to build our own. We are currently pursuing many different avenues for our field but not to worry there will be a capable field.

That’s cool man… I figured you had that covered… lol
Just tryin’ to keep you all on your toes. :cool:

I think Steve W and Karthik would be just as good( and they’re just a boat ride away).

Joel will be just an Adrienne car ride away! Because you can bet 229 will be coming down (But Steve and Karthik should still come :slight_smile: )

Good luck with setting up a committee, just remember… you’re better off having a small committee of people who will actually do stuff than a large committee of people who just want to see their name on a committee. For example, it only takes about three or four people to PLAN the Beantown Blitz (and WPI I think). Volunteers are a different story.

It’s a reasonably small group right now but we would like more student representation on the committee.

Any chance we can get a basic idea of who wants to come? I’d say 19 teams are guaranteed (16 local Rochester teams and the two Buffalo schools and the 1 Syracuse team) plus it’s a good bet Division by Zero and Code Red would come up. So who else would come? We’re trying to comer up with a limit.

There’s a Rah Cha Cha Ruckus meeting at the X-Cats site tomorrow. I’ll be there to let folks in and it’s not too late to join up and lend a hand (Alex!).
See you tomorrow at 6.

I second that Ed. I see a few of my guys around here this summer. You are welcome to come & help out. E-mail me if you need info. (John)
See you then Ed

229 will be there, or at least I will be there and Denominator may or may not have gone missing from High bay. It sounds like it will be a good time. Keep us updated


It’s Adrienne’s hometown so she’ll be there. If not competing at least there tracking you down. I think it’s best to let her in on the fun.

Oh we’ll be competing…I need another go at my little sister in the finals. I’m sick of her polishing her gold medal in front of me :stuck_out_tongue:

All you need to do to get back at her is have 229 take over her room again and banish her to a dresser drawer or something.