Calling Team 34

This post is my last ditch effort to contact Team 34.

Team 900 is going to Palmetto with no engineer mentors, and we’re hoping Team 34 can spare some engineer time to keep an eye on the team, and help with suggestions if (when) something breaks. Please PM me for details.

Don’t sweat it…Team 343 will be there and can help in any way.

Yep, 343 is an awesome team. I’m sure they could provide great assistance. We can also swing by a few times and check on them if you want. In general all anyone needs to do is ask at these events and folks will come running. That’s what it’s all about.

We’ve never had an engineer at all in the two year’s our team has existed. It would make things easier. Good luck finding one.

We’ve offered any and all assistance.

That goes out to any other team also…