Caltech Pranks MIT

A must read, was anyone there from CD?

Don’t forget about pranking CalTech…

Heisting the Cannon


I also think the cannon heist was much better than the small things Caltech pulled at MIT.

i saw that site, can’t wait to see what MIT’s got up to their sleeves


I gave up going to MIT’s prefrosh because of the amount of work I had (and 3 finals today/tomorrow) to do so I could leave this Wednesday for Caltech’s prefrosh weekend, then Atlanta.

I am soooo asking Caltech students for one of those fake MIT shirts if there are any left… and I’m bringing along an MIT shirt to spite them with too.

… still not sure where I’m going to college, but Caltech has now gained more of my respect.

PS I may have something up my sleeve. Depends how much time I can find tomorrow night to accomplish it.

PPS Better: