cam not working :(

I am very upset with the results i have recieved so far. I don’t know y this is happening but my camera doesn’t spin on servo looking for the colour. we have to put the colour in front of of it? :ahh: I don’t know what to do now its like i am lost can anyone help me. I tried programming from scratch in autonomous mode but problem is i have to connect servos to RC which is illegal. If anyone can help me it would be great!

camera_set_servos(pan, tilt) will let you control the servos through the camera

Have you calibrated it to the light in the room you are using? We had a similar problem. We had everything working and we went out into one of the hallways in our school to test it and it wouldn’t work. We brought out a work light from home depot and turned it on. This made the camera recognize the vision tetra. Basically, what I am saying is, try to keep lighting conditions at a constant, this could be why it isn’t working

The light reflection is pretty good its just that camera is not looking for colour green. It suppose to spin on servo looking for colour green on the field. If you want you can radomly pick a place in the room and let your robot find the green vision tetra and as a resul it should successful find the green vision tetra if it doesn’t than u have same problem as me.! I don’t know how to troubleshoot this problem and so i need as much help here as possible!