CAM with Fusion 360 for FIRST Robotics

Here is a link to an educational video I made for CAM. This video cover the basics of how to upload files into Fusion, setup and generate tool paths needed to manufacture common FRC parts from sheet metal, and export the files as G-Code for a CNC machine to read.


Thanks, Cooper, for contributing this. I’m sure it will help many.

I notice that you didn’t mention templates in your video. In Fusion 360, templates are one of those things that will totally change your experience with the product. I believe that I save at least 80% of my CAM time through the use of templates. I’m also much more confident that I’ve got all the right selections and settings for the various operations. Templates are especially helpful for students to help everyone use “approved” settings and operation sequencing. Review time for templated operations can go to almost zero and review effort can be focused on custom operations if there are any.

Check out this video on the use of templates from Lars Christensen at Autodesk. He explains things really well. The content on templates begins at about 3:30 into this video.

Once you use templates you’ll wonder how you lived without them.


Great job on this, thanks for sharing! In the video you show a Google Docs file where you’ve listed your feeds and speeds. Is there any way to get a copy of that?
Ian McTavish

Thank you very much! I will set up my templates right now.

Your welcome, here is the link to that feeds and speeds doc and I will also add it to the original post.

  • Cooper Pennell

We have a sort of megathread for CAM templates and tool libraries over here if you’re interested.