CAM with Onshape

We have a CNC mill and have always used SW with HSM works for the CAM side. Its awesome. Works beautifully.

This past year we switched over to Onshape for the cloud based advantage. The CAD side of things is ok, but the main issue I am having is a lack of CAM package. Is there an easy solution? If not I am afraid I am going to have to export all the part that need CAM back into SW and use HSM works. UGH… If it were just me I just would not use Onshape but the team is for reason mentioned.

We export to Fusion360. Kiri:Moto does exist for Onshape-based CAM, but our last time experimenting with it we found it lacking.


Yea we just experimented with that. Seems very elementary.

We also use Fusion but have slightly changed our process this year to make it easier for students since they get Chromebooks through the school.

After students finish CAD of a part in OnShape they download a STEP file and then upload to our Fusion Team (kind of like Google Drive) via

They then do nesting / CAM in Fusion in the browser through and click the “Post to Fusion Team” button in the post processing dialog to save the g-code file to our Fusion Team.

Finally the computers we use with our CNCs have the Fusion 360 Desktop Connector installed so they automatically sync the g-code files and are ready to run.


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