Camer photo capture

Our team want to take photo every 5 second by usb camera plug into roborio direcly . I don’t know how to do this . Any suggesitons?

What is the purpose of these pictures? I assume not for vision processing or driver control because 0.2 fps is not nearly a fast enough frame rate. If this is for media, you can mount a GoPro on your robot and set it on time lapse mode, then get the images off a SD card after the match. Probably a lot easier than trying to integrate the system with your roboRIO.

we want to use it for documentation on our rover . To capture how we drill. Usefull willbe taking photo on button but how to save it to computer ? GoPro not good cuz we must have it on driver station

One way to do this, but better, would be to stream the USB camera to the driverstation, and on the driverstation use OBS and the camera stream link to continuously record footage. If you want you can aquire the frames using another software.

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