Camera After 4.1/4.2 update

Ok we updated with the 4.1 then 4.2 update and it seemed to change all of our Camera stuff. So we got it to stop giving us compiling errors but now when we upload to the cRio it gives us NO ROBOT CODE errors.

We also had errors with the camera after updating. We changed all of the function names to the camel case as specified, but the robot displayed a “no code” error after downloading. Commenting out all references to the camera fixed the problem.

My guess is that there’s an include missing somewhere; we had gotten the “no code” error before when we forgot to include the target.cpp file in the build target.

Hopefully, they’ll release an update soon for this; we’re getting down to crunch time here…

Yes we did the same exact thing. And recieved the same exact problem…

I had the same problem, and doing a clean + build fixed all of my issues.

We updated cRio image to v20 along with DS to the newest update.

Then we did a “clean build” and still got the same errors as before.

NOTE: We only get the error when we have camera code in the program

Can you please Clarify what you mean by “clean + build”

we’ve had the same problem. we have updated the DS and v20 firmware, but the “no robot code” error still comes up
the error is the camera, as the other code/.out files work.
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Same exact problems for us. Cleaning and rebuilding did not help.

We are running with the latest v20 update and the latest WPILIB. The WPILIB that is the current release, the one label Feb 8th, does not work if you have camera code. The release before it (Feb 3rd) does not work if you are using DriverStationLCD. If, however, you sign up for, you can download the latest source for the WPILIB. Make sure you have subversion installed on your development PC. Once you have downloaded the sources, you can build them from Workbench. There is a script in the scripts section that will update the default library for your project build. Just double click on it.

If you don’t make any changes to the WPILIB, you will get the kLineLength error that you get with the Feb 3rd version of the library. To fix that problem, we edited DriverStationLCD.h to move the const declaration of kLineLength out of the class declaration and put it on the line before class declaration.

If you build the WPILIB it will build a version the behaves like the Feb 8th version. The fix for that is to clean build of the whole WPILIB. This library works well for us. Even with the v20 Mandatory update of LabView.

I don’t know why WPI has not updated their copy of the library. It has been over a week since people reported that it doesn’t work.

We’ve had the exact same problem as everyon else, however we dont recieve any error messages of any sort. pls reply

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So as of now, First has still not fixed the huge probelm we are having with running both Camera code and DsLCD code at the same time with the v20 update.

I got the 4.1 source for reference and now because of the info in this thread I have tried to build it. It doesn’t build; I get errors:

process_begin: CreateProcess((null), svnversion -n …, …) failed

What is really odd about this is that the 2010ImageDemo loads, but our robot code does not. The error is that AxisCamera::GetInstance is undefined. Both projects are linked to the same WPILib.a, last update (not the last Windriver update, but a later wpilib update, 4.1 from the firstforge site which a post somewhere informed me includes 4.2.)