Camera and kinect

Our team wants to use the kinect and the camera and we don’t know where to start. So can someone help us

First of all, what programming language are you using?
If you’re using LabVIEW and Java both have awesome vision examples built in.

Here’s a link to the 2012 vision whitepaper:

Here’s a link to the getting started with kinect:

Also, if you search for the camera and kinect, you’ll find lots of great tips.

If you’re using labview there are vis specifically for using the kinect. The way we did it is we used 2 joystick opens in the begin vi, and then we chose kinect 1 and 2 for the 2 y axis. After that we pulled the 2 y axis values by using the kinect vertices vi (im not positive that this is the right vi), and sent the axis values to our drive vi.

so we are using java and we set it up using the setup and don’t know where to go

For the camera, remember there is a Vision Example every year.

For the kinect, do you want to use it on the bot or in hybrid?

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Yes, there is a VERY big distinction between ON the robot and at the Kinect station. Both are very possible, yet first explicitly supports the kinect at the kinect station (Duh), but if you want the kinect on your robot, that will take a LOT more work, yet it still isnt THAT hard.

Bottom like it involves putting a 2nd computer (Crio and another processor are now on the robot). Heres a good White Paper on it:

Be sure that you REALLY want the kinect on the robot though! Its no a straight forward thing to do.

For those talking about Kinect…

I’ve used Kinect with my xbox but we didn’t mess with it last year, so I’m clueless when it comes to the controls. Is it easy to find a good place for it on the robot (after playing around a bit of course), or are you limited by certain factors? I know the camera is phenomenal but I’m unsure if it will do things like look up and down and such in order to adjust to varying distances from the goals

It has a servo motor in the base to tilt, but that is not intended for frequent use and will burn out if you run it too much. You are better off using an external servo motor to tilt the camera.

Thanks, you were to!!
We don’t really want the kinect on the robot. Actually since its not even required this year we could just forget about it really. It’s to big I feel and the axis camera can accomplish the same things as the kinect anyway.

Our end goal is target processing but if we are able to get good spin on our frisbees, we should be able to just manually aim :slight_smile: