Camera and LabVIEW

Does anyone have any advice about using a camera in LabVIEW? :confused: Any info at all??

Repost this question in the dedicated LabVIEW forum here on Chief Delphi. There are lots of people there who can help you better than I. Before you do so, however, work on the details of your question. There are lots of aspects to the camera (configuring it, getting it to network properly, LabVIEW code problems, vision tracking, etc), and you’ll have to be more specific if you’re looking for some quality help.

Edit: I will tell you that it is definitely possible to use an Axis camera with LabVIEW, and there are plenty of tutorials online to help with this. If you give me some info as to where you are in your process, I can hopefully direct you to the correct document.

This is very similar to last years vision acquiring. The obtaining of the video feed is pretty simple once you understand what is required to mask the images. It is how you analyze it that really matters. Make sure you have a plan on what your actually going to do with this information once you get this. Because the info provided here just allows you to get the info…