Camera and the SmartDashboard

For those trying to use the camera plugin with the SmartDashboard and having crashing problems…

Can you try the newest version of the SmartDashboard installer here:

It has a few bugs fixed. There seems to still be a memory problem that we’re trying to track down, but it seems to run for about 20 minutes without problems. Please make sure you are doing all the things described on this web page (32 bit java, setting IP address, etc.)

Also, you should make sure that you are not running 640x480 at 30FPS or you will overrun the bandwidth for 2013. Remember that the field will limit each teams available network bandwidth to 7Mbs. We were testing at 320x240. I believe the FRC Bridge Configuration Utility will do the appropriate Quality of Service (QOS) settings to your DLink access point to simulate the field bandwidth throttling. It is described here:

This is only for those who are using the SmartDashboard camera plugin to display the Axis camera on their SmartDashboard screens. This doesn’t effect the SmartDashboard.jar file for anyone using it only for displaying data or Test mode objects.


Our camera is not showing up on the dashboard. It worked beforehand (and crashed afterwards like everyone else).

Do you mean it worked before this recent 1.0.5 update? And crashed immediately once you applied the update? What camera and what resolution/framerate/compression settings are you using?


Fixed it using the video stream option. I’ll update you if it crashes the dashboard.

It crashed after about 30 minutes in the “Video Stream Background” thread.

We’re also running into this problem. What do you mean by ‘video stream option’? In the camera config?