Camera calibration in Photon Vision

Hi, can anyone please send here the chess board pdf used to calibrate cameras in photonvison to detect april tags? a url will be helpfull too.

if you are using there is “show pattern” link that appears at the start of the process after a camera is detected.

If you are using PhotonVision to calibrate, there is a link on the camera settings page.

FYI, we did this the other night and had a lot of success by doing a couple of things. We tried calibdb, but got better results from PV’s custom method using these tips below. MrCal failed for us, but the original algorithm works, if you just try re-using your captured images. The board linked in JohnRRRR’s post is what we used.

  1. Use a large flat-screen monitor to project the largest chess-board you can. We used a 32".
  2. Use a dial-caliper to measure the size of the squares on the screen and change the setting before capturing. Change the number of squares as needed, too.
  3. Capture > 100 images and get as many weird angles and coverage as possible. It will take a long time to process, but you’ll get there.
  4. Use the highest resolution you can support, even if it means you only get 20-30 fps.
  5. Export your config and store it, maybe even use it for configuring an additional camera if you need to.