Camera Calibration

Can someone please write its calibration data of the green light?
My team is having a problem with the calibration of the camera. We calibrated it to the green light (behind the white plastic). The green light showed white in the camera. When we want to track the light with EasyC it doesn’t find any target (Centroids are all equal to 0).
Please help:confused:

How did you calibrate it?
I calibrated using LabView CMUcam demo, and it works fine for me (using MPLab, but the settings are on the camera)

The easyC project that Dave Lavery demo’d at the 2007 kickoff is available for download here:

Try loading that. If it works, I would suggest rebuilding your easyC project around that one, unless it’s super easy to transplant their working code into your project.

Yes, I’ve downloaded this, but this program only makes the camera send back information and show them on the terminal window, it deosn’t track the light.
Lablabla- we also did this on labview, and saved the configuration (an ini file), then changed the .ini file to a .ecc file by renaiming it (it worked), and used that table in easyC. But still, it deosn’t track anything (it does’nt move the servos a bit). Could someone maby uplaod a simple easyC program tracking the light with the servos?

By default easyC has cablibration data that should allow the camera to see the green light. If you want to make your robot automagicly center on the light. I’d check out tutorial number 8 in the help file.

I have cheked tutorial number 8, it explains how to make the robot follow the light, but I want the servos (that are moving the camera) to follow the light. For now the camera doesn’t even notice any target (I put the default table in easyc).

Standard question: Do you have a charged backup battery attached to the RC? That power is required to move the servos.

Does the red LED on the camera board go on if you physically point the camera at the target light?

The backup battery is attached to the RC, the servos are working (if I tell them to work) there is a red light and a green light on the camera. Sometimes it is only green and sometimes red and green (what does it indicate?).

The camera firmware is setup to turn the red LED on when the target color you’ve requested is visible, and it’ll go off if it’s not visible. Sometimes the red LED will remain on constantly if the camera doesn’t initialize properly on powerup.

It’s an easy feedback to see if the camera is seeing the color you told it to look for. If it’s going on and off when you wave the camera at the light then your calibration is fine.

The green LED is the camera power indicator.

Well, the only time the red light lid was when it remained even after I removed the target. The Centroid_x is always 0…
Ok, the camera works fine:)
Now left just to program it…