Camera code.

Using the instructions in the sticky post, we got the camera to display in the dashboard.
Our current code in RobotInit() is:

AxisCamera camera = AxisCamera.getInstance();

Now to change the resolution of the camera.
We tried


However this seems to have not worked. Any ideas anyone?
Also what is the way to do color tracking with it?
We just got the camera installed and working as a off season project.
Thanks in advance.

Try looking at the cRIO’s serial output during start up for errors. Even better you could post it here. (Im taking it that the code compiles just fine).

On another note, we ended up by passing the cRIO for the camera and got the feed directly from the network and fed it to our classmate. The classmate is much faster with the processing and there were less issues.

I will check that out, the next meeting thanks!
Yes the code complies fine, I think something is wrong with the syntax but it sill complies for some reason.