Camera Code

Good Afternoon To All of the FIRST Community,

Has any team successfully wrote their teams camera code in being able to have the camera lock on to the tape outlining the goals?

Many thanks for your help.

Yes, our team has the camera image processed on the driver station and then sends the information back to the cRio.

Is there a paper that you followed or used in helping you figure out how to send data from that dashboard back to the cRIO? I haven’t quite found anything on it yet and would really like the processing done on my driver station but have instructions sent to the robot afterwards.

Robot.getTable() provides access to the table used by the SmartDashboard.put() and SmartDashboard.get() methods on the robot.

Well shoot. Not coding in Java… So no smartdashboard for me. D:

LabView makes it super easy to send data from the dashboard back to the robot. I’ve attached a few screenshots explaining how we accomplish it.

The block in the last screenshot is part of a new Dashboard section they added to the WPI Robotics Library. As long as you have an indicator on your dashboard with a unique name, you can reference it in your robot code using one of the “SD Read” blocks.



Oh sweet! Thanks. I’ll be sure to try this tomorrow at our meeting.

We’re using Labview. What is the specific data you are getting back from the camera? Distance, Angle, etc.?

If that was directed at me… Probably distance so we can adjust the shooter rpm on the fly.

Check out this I wrote.

Haha I was just about to refer him to that! Btw that was a great post but hadn’t had the time yet to try it out!