Camera Confusion

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on our team’s issues.

We have setup the camera as per the guide (m1011) model. It is set to ip and connected directly to the white dlink box. I can see the image if I log in to ie and type in the cameras ip. However I have no image in the dashboard. I am very confused on how I tell the dashboard where to find the camera. Is this done automatically?

Second, I try to open the NI Vision software on the laptop and it says I need to have a min resolution of 1024x768 yet I can only set the classmate to a max of 1024x600. Any ideas on how to solve either issues would be much appreciated.

I hear rumblings about an upcoming set of instructions for modifying the Dashboard to show pictures from a D-Link-connected camera, but for now you’ll have to do it the way everyone else does.

The Dashboard display expects to receive camera data on a specific network port. In order for it to work, you need to set up the camera as described in the How to Configure Your Camera guide and connect it to the cRIO’s other Ethernet port. The default LabVIEW robot code takes care of everything automatically. I think you have to add a function call in C++ to get the camera code running.

The only advice I have on your NI Vision issue is this: Don’t try to run it on the Classmate.

You will have to modify the dashboard to accept data directly from the camera. Normally the robot connects to the camera with http and then broadcasts the images over tcp port 1180. The dashboard expects the data from tcp port 1180. You will need to modify the dashboard to get camera data from http. As a hint, look at how the robot does this.