camera connection problem

our laptop cannot connect to the axis camera m-1011w.
we dont even detect the camera itself in my computer.
plz help

Have you used the 2012 axis camera setup tool that came with the FRC 2012 utilities?

we have already used the frc setup axis camera tool that came in the frc 2012 utilities. we also have our crossover cable at slot 2 but we still dont have connection.

LabVIEW and the Dashboard are not looking for the camera on port two by default. You will have to change the camera open in Begin.VI and the constant in the Dashboard to set them up for connecting to port 2 of the cRIO.

In Begin.VI it already takes in and by Dashboard, do you mean Dashboarddata.VI? :S It still does not work

If you use the camera setup tool to set the IP to, and plug into the dlink, and plug the PC into the dlink, the dashboard should work fine. If you then plug port one of the cRIO into the dlink, it will also be able to get images from the camera.

If you do not want to use that configuration, you need to change the code for the dashboard and rebuild and change

Greg Mckaskle

Since we have put the .43 version of Labview on the C-Rio from last year, the slots have switched. We set the cameras IP to and instead of putting it in ethernet 2(since the new one does not have the 2nd ethernet) we plugged the camera into the Radio. This way we get the camera to view on the dashboard. But my question is, does this setup also allow for doing calculations, or this just simply lets us see through the camera? Tnx

You can do image processing on the cRIO with that setup. In fact the LabVIEW code defaults to looking for the camera at that address this year.