Camera Crosshair on Dashboard

I was wondering how to program a line down the middle of the camera feed on the dashboard. I have seen a few teams doing this. Any suggestions?

LabVIEW, SmartDashboard, or other?


Yes but which dashboard are you using? Is it the default one with a camera and kinect feed?

We are using the camera and the kinect feed, which other are there?

That’s the LabVIEW one, the other official dashboard is the SmartDashboard which uses Java. There are also some unofficial ones such as ZomB.

Check out this thread and search around for others on CD,

We actually just stuck some tape on the computer screen and line our target up with that.

I was hoping you could help me with some coding

Why not use the overlay feature of the camera. Make a simple transparent image with a line through the middle (Make sure the image size is what ever image size you have the camera set to. i.e 640x480, 320x240, etc). Connect to the camera through you’re web browser via 10.xx.xx.11 (if you connecting it to the router). Upload your image to the camera. When reading the camera image you will now have that image overlayed on the image. Page 19

Awesome tip! I didn’t see that while I was in the camera, may have to try this.