camera delay

We’re testing that the camera works using the camera image window on the driver station, and the camera is running smoothly but lagging by 6-8 seconds (so it shows what was happening 8 seconds ago effectively). How can we make it run faster? Also, there is a cyan line running vertically in what appears to be the exact center of the picture, and occasionally flashing.

The cyan line marks the horizontal center, and is drawn on the driver station. To remove it, you can easily delete an icon on the dashboard diagram and rebuild it or run it from source.

The delay is affected by the image size. I suspect that the smallest has the smallest delay, then the medium has a bit more, and the 640x480 would be the largest delay.

The compression factor will have some impact as well, higher compression will transmit less data. As usual, there is a tradeoff. The higher compression will have more artifacts and will not be as accurate at target recognition.

Greg McKaskle