Camera error please help

Hello everybody.

I have a problem with the camera in the drive station, take a look:

Can you make the folder view-able for anyone with the link? Because it says I need permission to view whatever is in there.

Unfortunately now I don´t have ways of sending you the image but here is the mesage error that appears in the drive station:

"ERROR 91 Variant to data to WPI_CameraRefNumRegistryGet.VI-> WPI_CameraHTTP ConnectionResponder.VI:1340002-> WPI_CameraHTTPConnection

Respondevi.viACBRProxyCaller.2380000ALabVIEW: The data type of the variant is not compatible with the data type wired to the type input"

Does this message appear where the image normally would?

Are you using two USB cameras and one works but the other doesn’t?

There is a simple issue if the second USB connection determines that the added camera bandwidth would be too high for USB to support, then the second connection gets blocked.
The simple test is to set both camera resolutions, etc to the lowest settings possible, e.g, 160x120

This message appears in the driver station.Where there is an error message board

We are using only one camera connected to USB port in the roboRIO.
Other details:
the camera is being turned on everytime we turn on the robot.So that mans the camera isn´t the problem

The camera is working just fine when we test the vision examples VIs.In that case, the camera´s stream is being shown in the front panel and in the dashboard it doesn´t

We are using a Logitech c270 camera

Ah, the Vision Example VI. I have my own problems with that.
But putting that aside,
The new dashboard requires you to select a camera from a dropdown list.
Make sure you have USB camera selected in your code.
Are you running the example on a roborio?
Look at the error, because the error talks about your code. Find the VI the error is talking about, that could give you more clues.
Could you screenshot your vision for us?

Thanks, and good luck,