Camera Errors

We’re seeing an issue with one of our cameras, yielding :
ERROR -1074360319 IMAQdx start acquisition.viNI-IMAQdx: (Hex 0xBFF69001) Internal Error

After which, we can’t connect to a camera anymore.

Both cameras work when plugged in to a PC.

We’ve tried multiple robo Rio’s and laptops, have run with just the default code and default dashboard, and the issue persists.

I suspect the unit may be defective or damaged, but I’m posting in case anyone has any other information.


They released a new update for LabVIEW dashboard/visual code earlier this week that may fix this…

I’m curious if that corrected your problem? We have the update installed and are still seeing this. (We were able to work around this issue prior to the patch by changing the “send to PC” routine.) I’ve talked with at least one other team with this problem.

At the time we just started using a different camera.

We had already been aware of the mdns race condition in camera send 2 PC and had confirmed that wasn’t the issue in that circumstance.

However, some time later we returned to using this same camera later and the issue was not present.

Unfortunately I can’t provide any data beyond that