camera escaping

Using easyC, 2007kickoffDemo.
Camera is running away from the green light.
Tried to upside down camera, as one of Kevin’s tips, still didn’t help.
it’s tilt axis is in the lens line.
have any idea?

Try flipping the sero axis. I am not sure how to do it in easyc but with mplab you can use the terminal window.

you mean, flip between their two psm’s?
still doesn’t work.
Also when restart, its position start is in in the middle. both pan and titl has some angle.
I put the green light, right under the lens, nothing happened. than started to rise it, and instead of lowring itself toward the light, it risen, as for escaping from it.
when put it aside, nothing happened. only when I was really close, then a gain - tun away.

I used easyC 2007kickOffdemo. didn’t calibrate camera. Do i need to (also it will not affect why it’s running away).


If you look through the code for Kevin Watson’s camera project,

in tracking.h

// If your camera suddenly moves away from the target once
// it finds it, you'll need to change the sign on one or
// both of these values. Start with the tilt first.

Just put a negative in front of the step size in the defines. Hit F6 in easyC to view defines.

Thanks again Kingofl337.