Camera Feed at the Competition?

This will be our first year that we are actually counting on the AXIS camera setup, so I hope someone who used the camera in a previous year can answer my questions.

Right now the plan is to use the camera feed as a “periscope” type shooting/aiming device. We are using SmartDashboard and have the camera showing live at the 640X480 setting.

During competition, is the camera feed degraded or does it have to be reduced in size in order to transmit the image through the allotted bandwidth? I assume we can have a live camera feed through the radio back to the dashboard, I just want the kids to practice on what we are able to use at competition.

What limits, if any, are on the camera feed to the dashboard during the competition?

Based on the information provided in Team Update 4, I am going to assume that we can use the camera as is, in the default configuration that is outlined in the Getting Started guide.

If anyone knows whether the signal is degraded beyond what we see right now, please let me know. Thanks

The resolution of the camera feed depends on your settings, the field won’t change those. The conditions will be different than in your shop, however FIRST does a pretty good job of ensuring that the WIFI at events is not plagued with interference (causing the camera feed to be choppy), because that would also cause robot communication to be choppy.

tl;dr You’ll be fine with the settings you have now.