Camera Feed Crashing

We’re setting up our axis camera from 2012 to show on our SmartDashboard. We have managed to display the feed on the default camera widget, but every 2-10 minutes it will crash unexpectedly. From the dump log file it appears to be a crash on the “Camera Background” thread. As far as I can tell, JavaCV cannot handle the stream for long periods of time, for some reason.

We’ve tried opening the stream in VLC as well. It works, but is much lag-ier and the classmate is not powerful enough to run it.

Has anyone been able to use the 2012 axis camera on the SmartDashboard without it crashing? What settings, specifically, do you use? We don’t need an extremely high FPS (>15), and resolution is more important to us.

Any advice is appreciated.

Here’s a few more teams having the same problem.