Camera feed via bridge not working with FMS

Our team is unable to get camera feed to the dashboard during matches. When tethered or using our wireless outside of matches, the camera feed works. We have the camera connected directly to the robot bridge, by-passing the cRio. What makes this difficult to troubleshoot is that we only experience it when on the field and getting time on the field to troubleshoot just isn’t an option at the regionals. Any recommendations?
Thanks for the assistance,

What are you using to view the camera image, and what IP address do you have the camera set to? The field networking will only pass addresses that match the pattern.

We had no problems using the camera IP address and the read mjpeg vi that NI posted, and the modifications here:

Camera IP set to Using Read in the dashboard.
Here is the tutorial we followed:

Thanks Joe, I’ll have the kids try the modified Read after we un-bag the bot.