Camera Feed

Our robot works perfectly during teleOp and responds well to changes in the joystick.

But, when we enable the feed from the camera, the drive during teleOp becomes intermittent. It seems like the values from the joystick are buffered and then executed in bulk. That gives robot jerky movements. So, for now we have camera feed disabled.

How can we diagnose the issue and fix it?



The code for camera feed is as follows:

import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.CameraServer;

public static CameraServer cam = CameraServer.getInstance();;;;

The properties for USB Webcam viewer on the dashboard side is:
FPS = 10, Size = 640 X 480

Those symptoms sound like either the Driver Station computer’s CPU or networking is being bogged down by trying to display the image. What kind of computer are you using, and what kind of network interface is it?

Try dropping the image size to 320x240 instead and see what effect it has.

Are there any errors appearing on the driver station?

Can you possibly send us your teleop() method so we can see how you are implementing your drive.

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@Alan: The Driver Station laptop is HP Pavilion that I got last year with intel i5 CPU, 8 gigs of RAM and 1 TB storage running Windows 8. The WiFi device is ‘Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160’

We will try the 320 X 240 and let you know. But, last year we used LabVIEW and we were able to get the feed with this frame size.

@Jacob: There are no errors on the driver station.