Camera Feed

My team is thinking of adding camera feed from our robot so drivers can better align with power cubes, particularly on the opposite side of the field. We have no experience whatsoever with anything camera-related; is this too ambitious of a project for us to attempt in time for championships? If not, what is the easiest/fastest way to get this set up and running? (and also, what camera do you use?) Thanks in advance!

Setting up camera feed is nice and simple. What language do you use? In Java the only line of code you need is


The C++ version is


Those go into robotInit()

I don’t know about Labview. We use a Microsoft LifeCam 3000. It plugs into the regular USB port on the roborio. The feed will show up on the dashboard of the driver station. If you use the SmartDashboard, you need to press view->add->Camera Server. Then in view click editable to move it/size it. I believe the default dashboard automatically puts the feed on.

Yes, if all you need to do is have a WebCam and stream the image to the driver station, then the code is very minimal, easy to add, and should be low risk.

Note that the LifeCam is capable of widescreen images, but when used in this way you seem to get a 4:3 (cropped) view with a narrower field of view. We found a cheap and easy solution was to buy one of those cheesy fisheye lenses that you’re supposed to clip to your cell phone, and we made a clip for it to hold it in front of the camera lens.

If you have access to a 3D printer you can find mounts on Thingiverse. If you want our fisheye lens clip, shoot me a PM and I’ll post the STL.

A green LED ring will make the cube GLOW. We use the Lime Light in camMode 1 (Driver Camera) for teliop. Our scout crew in the stands say the Light is blinding from 20 row up and our drivers love the glowing cubes.

Thanks for the help everyone!

If the light is that bright, read R08, blue box item M. If someone complains you will likely have to do something about that “blinding from 20 rows up” issue.

Best bet would be a shroud, second best a diffuser panel (similar to what might be used in a theater/film setting to soften light).

Blinding might be a stretch. That just their words noticeable is more likely. I don’t see it behind the lines but it is impressive.