Camera For Driving?

Has anyone else tried to implement the camera for just driving not implementing? We have our camera working and it seems to have a high framerate (about 4 or 5 fps) but the latency is a very bad latency (Like 2 - 5 seconds). Has anyone foudn a way to fix latency on the camera?


We´re using the camera with live stream!!!

Could you tell which settings are you using??
We have less than 1s of lag!!

PS: are you using the camera by the wireless router or crossover cable?

Try this:

We are trying to do this as well - video streaming. Currently, we are having problems with lag. I’ll be happy to get all the settings you want off the camera but the following is how it’s setup to date:

-factory rest the camera (press button for 6 seconds while placing the DC power plug in)
-add a 2nd account of FRC/FRC
-using ‘default code’ - interact with the camera (in C++)
-it displays to the classmate

The students had some lagging of 5-10 seconds. I think it’s down to 2 or 3 seconds but in a game, that’s pretty bad.

All other settings are likely to be the ‘factory default’ settings.

If you can point out any other settings in the camera you modified - that would be great. Also, if you did anything specific on the programming side, that woudl be great to know as well.

I can’t talk detail about this now because i’m in the job.
But for your information, we’re programming at LV, and the camera’s settings that we change was: frame rate, time exposure, resolution and brightness. I can’t remember the values by now, but at the night (around six hours) I’ll be in the college and we can talk better about this.

PS: check your wireless network too. Maybe your band is limiting your comunication.

For the C++ people out there, TheDominis and I are developing a custom PCVideoServer class that uses a different network protocol and splits up the image for faster display and update. Initial tests show about 20 frames per second. Check it out here:

The downside is, of course, that you need a custom dashboard. TheDominis has provided a test dashboard in C#, and I’m currently working on dasboard software in C++ that will support this type of video feed. It will also have full support for everything else that the provided dashboard has.

We’re going to check Q & A for the legality of using video code other than what’s been provided during competitions.