Camera for field question

It is legal to have a camera from the alliance station connected to the to the computer to have a view from above of the field?

R100C precludes camera poles like what teams used in 2016.

You could put a camera at 6’ 6", not sure that it would really give you much of a “view from above” though.

There is nothing prohibiting a camera connected to the driver station, but per R100C:

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How about a really tall periscope attached to your face as part of your “costume”? :smiley:


I think that under H07E, you’ve got a chance. However… You need to be wearing safety glasses. And there’s the chance that H07’s safety clause gets invoked.

Eh, probably not worth the effort…

It’s ok, just get an ANSI z87 rated periscope!

A solution is just put a camera inside the robot for best looking for all the field, our team 6404 are doing that.