Camera Framerate Problems

Our camera can display images through the computer, and track colors as they move. But we only get about 10 fps, and I believe the camera is supposed to display 30 fps.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to increase the frame rate?

Decrease the resolution. You might find you get useful images at 160x100.

You might even find you get good images at 160x100 decimated 2 by 2.

yeah, i went to a seminar on the stuff at kickoff and some team that betatested said that they were unable to get about 7-8 using wifi

anyways, you really can’t even use the camer to get direct to station during the competition

Apparently turning off the camera at the dashboard increases the framerate substantially. Other than that, size seems to be the most important factor.

In general, when you are looking for bottlenecks in code, the tool you want to use is called a “profiler”. it tells you which parts of your code are using the most memory and cpu. in labview it’s under block diagram->tools->profile->performance and memory. once you’ve identified which parts are causing the slowdown, then you may be able to think of clever ways to re-code that part to be faster.

Turn off the dashboard, and reduce the image resolution.