Camera freezes

Our camera works perfectly - and then it doesn’t. The first few minutes after powering up no problem - robot tracks light fine - and then green and red LEDS on the camera stay lit and the camera freezes. We’ve tried everything we’ve seen in the posts - checking PWM connectors - backup battery charge, resetting everything but no help. Generally the next day the camera will work again for its few minutes and then resort to frozen state. We are using Kevin’s code.

I think I’ve read some folks with the same problems. Anyone fixed it?

I’m thinking we need a new camera - maybe we should try last years?


We’ve seen those symptoms when either the power or data connection to the camera gets a little loose. Try finding a way to secure the 3-pin cables to the connector so they can’t wiggle.

I seen similar symptoms when I have a bad connection to the backup battery.

Try securing the three pin cables. If you don’t want to remove the header on the board and solder the cable directly(I don’t know if this is legal) then hot glue works good.

I have read a number of messages on Chief Delphi
and have concluded the following about the camera
system. - power supply issues need resolution.

  1. Add charger to 12V battery powering green
    lights to ensure that the battery is fully charged
    and enough power available to light green lights strongly
    (not mentioned but I think a good idea).

  2. Intermittment connections between moving pwm
    cables and robot controller can cause camera resets.
    Recommend solution 1) solder pwm cables to
    camera board possible solution (legal?)

  3. superglue pwm cable connectors
    and add mechanical support (black electrical tape?)

  4. 7.2 volt Ni-Cad battery cannot discharge below
    7.0 volts without camera operation becoming flaky.
    Solutions 1) Purchase extra 7.2 volt Ni-Cad for
    competitions to insure fully charged battery available
    More difficult 2) Build FIRST IFI charging circuit to charge
    7.2 volt Ni-Cad circuit pack during competitions
    Debug solution 3) Use regulated 8.0 volt power supply to camera during camera debugging to elimate this potential

Thanks for the ideas. I think the power connection on the battery might have been suspect. We replaced them today and have not had a problem since.