Camera help needed

My team is having issues with our older KOP axis 206 camera. When we get the camera code (dashboard) running we have a wireless connection problem and we cannot connect to our camera. We believe this is an issue with the firmware on the old camera but we are not 100% sure. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Can you give us a description on how you have the camera cabled? Are you using the default code?

Also, have you run your new camera setup utility? I heard that its a bit buggy and I setup manually. Making sure the IP was (in my case my subnet automatically fills itself from there, and no default gateway. Then make an Administrative account with the credentials FRC, FRC. Hope it helps!

The original camera setup utility is buggy and manual setup works. However, FIRST has released and updated setup utility. If you’d like to use it, you can find it here:

For detailed instructions on manually resetting the camera, see this post.

our camera is wired to the KOP bridge from last year`s FRC.

Can you post a picture of your begin and vision processing VIs

We also need help installing the Axis 206 camera. I found the camera buried in a box in the back room with a ball mount to a plastic base that is cracked and unusable. Th ball portion screwed onto the post on the back of the camera is a metric 4 .70 thread but doesn’t seem to properly screw down on mounting post on the back of the camera. I can’t tell if this is a kludge someone made years ago.
What is the thread size on the mounting post on the back of the camera ?

Here is the data sheet …

but I didn’t see it there. You may find it elsewhere on their website.

Greg McKaskle

We have also had problems with the camera, but we fixed this. Remember to install the Utilities 2.0 update to get the latest Axis Camera Setup Tool.

  1. Disconnect the crossover cable from the robot, turn off the robot, and connect the crossover cable to your computer.

  2. Hold the reset button while connecting power to the camera. When the camera status light turns amber, release the button.

  3. The status light will after approximately 20 seconds turn green. Open the Axis Camera Setup Tool found in the “Tools” tab in LabVIEW.

  4. On your computer, go to your network connections, where all of your “Local connection” and “Wireless Connection” are. Right click the local connection (usually local connection 2) and select Properties.

  5. Double click on the TCP/IP IPv4 in the little white box.

  6. Change your IP to and your Subnet Mask to:

  7. Click ok, and ok to save your settings.

  8. Go back to the Axis Camera Setup Tool and set it up for 8-Slot cRIO. I know you’re supposed to hook it up to the Robot Radio but this is how I made it work. I tried to set it up with Robot Radio and team number but I failed all the time.

  9. Go to your favorite web browser, and type in the camera IP which is

  10. The username and password is now FRC and FRC, and use that as login for the camera.

  11. Go to Setup -> TCP/IP, choose to configure your settings manually, and change the settings to 10.xx.yy.11 where xx and yy represents your team number. The subnet mask can be either or (thanks Mark McLeod!). Leave the rest as it is, scroll down and click “Save”.

  12. Turn off the robot again, and connect the crossover cable to the robot radio, any slot.

Congratulations! You have now set the camera up with your robot! If you haven’t changed anything in the Vision Processing VI, you should now get image to your Dashboard.