Camera Help

Hi, I’m a beginner when it comes to programing and I only know the basics of Java. I’ve gotten my team’s robot to move so far and i’m able to code basic things but when it comes to setting up the camera to show up on the dashboard I have no idea what to do. I have followed the guild and set the camera up and set the user and pass to FRC and it works, but my question is how do I set it up to show an image on the dash board? I would like a link or a step-by-step process or even the code i’m supposed to use if possible and sorry if i’m asking to much. I’ve looked around the main FRC site but the only guides I found were for somthing for LABview or somthing like that.

Please and thanks.

technically, all you need to do is create an axiscamera, and it should work

Axiscamera cam = Axiscamera.getInstance()

But it doesn’t work for us :frowning:
We get some connection error, even though we followed the manual’s direction

If you still have issues, try holding the reset button for a while, and starting over again…