Camera Help?

I’m trying to get the camera to send the image to the Dashboard on my PC but after following all of the steps I keep getting an error message (attached below). I tried opening the Read and found the HTTP Authentication icon and noticed that the Authenticated Request is not wired to anything. I’m not sure what to do next. Please help!

Error Message.JPG

Error Message.JPG

The Authentication Request output is useful for debugging, but doesn’t need to be hooked to anything.

It may be helpful to look at the error going into the case statement on the right side, to see what the original error was. That code is turning any communications error with the camera into the -44003, so perhaps in this case the original will tell you some info.

Other things to try are to see if you can ping the camera at the expected IP address. See if you can open the camera’s IP in a web browser, log in, and verify that there is an FRC:FRC account.

Greg McKaskle