camera help!

i dont really understand how the cameras on the robots work… i know that they follow the green LED light but how is that helpful? and how can you prevent it hooking onto the other team’s LED light? sorry im a rookie and have never seen one of them before. they seem interesting tho. could anyone explain to me in more detail about it?

As far as I can tell, the camera doesn’t turn a full 360 degrees, so you can make sure that the camera always faces the direction of your targets.

Maybe they aren’t 360 degrees, if not then I assume you’d have to program your 'bot to stay in the direction of the currently lit ones or have the driver set it up manually.

i know that but in the beggining and during the final round both lights are on couldnt that cause a problem cause your robot could go for the wrong goal

Well, that’d mostly be all up to positioning. In autonomous mode, if you plan on shooting, you should position the robot appropriately. And during the final round, I can only recommend that the driver positions the robot so that the camera can’t see your LED light and only theirs.

The camera will see anything in its field of view. However, you can control the FOV easily by keeping the camera pointed at the right green target.

For the more ambitious, you could probably whip up a Cartesian System that monitors position on the field.

The easiest way (IMHO) is to use the drive team during human mode. There are humans who get to control the robot, rely on your driver to line up and if you are using the camera, then activate it with a switch on the OI. Let the camera then line up your shooting mechanism.

For autonomous mode, I’d line it up accordingly, In most cases, your robot will not turn 180 degrees on a whim and shoot into your goal. If somehow you have mounted the camera so it can see both goals from sweeping around, add some code that only goes to green that is less than a certain pixel area, ensuring it goes to the one farther away and not closer.

The camera, because it is controlled by servos, has a limited range, something between 180 and 270 degrees (this is assuming you don’t modify it to allow it full rotation). If you have your robot facing such a way the camera cannot rotate towards the other light, you should have no problem. I hope we will be equipping a switch to deactivate the camera just in case something like this does happen, that way we can reposition. As for autonomous mode, limit the camera range more if necessary, and pray you don’t get turned around by another robot.