Camera HELP!

How did you get the Robot to “follow” the green light!

All i can do is get the camera to follow not the whole robot…


I have used both MPLab and Easy C

You will have to program as in write code to that actually responds to the information you get from the camera. If you’re using Kevin Watson’s code, you get information such as blob size, dimensions and position of the light. You can use that information to track your robots position in respect to the light. Good luck.

More resources at:

the camera includes a servo-type meter that allows you to track the pan/tilt axis. The way you would make the robot follow the green light would be to find if the camera is left or right from center and have the motors turn right or left, respectively. It’s fairly simple. PM me if you need more information or a coding example.

ok… so what variables apply here to get the motors to respond…

and does anyone have a clue in using easy C?

(I like easy C because it helps reduce the chance for error…)

I would like to point you to a few resources: - that thread is for people who are getting started with programming. - that is where you will find posts regarding the camera.

There are many sub forums dealing with different aspects of programming including easyC.

Please visit those pages and it will answer most, if not all of your questions. Use the Search function above for specific information on a subject. Good luck.

Hey Eric would you be able to post some coding on how you would be able to track the light by moving the robot, because I have been reading some of the posts and some people are saying to use trig. functions to calculate the movement of the robot towards the light. But I thought there would be an easier way. So if you would be helpful and maybe post a code to help me out.