Camera Image w/o CRIO?

This year, we are planing to make our own dashboard in java. If we hook the camera directly to the radio, how would we go about accessing the camera image from the computer running the driver station?
Since the Axis Camera has a URL for the MJPEG and JPEG images, could we some how stream the MJPEG directly? or would we have to constantly get JPEG and keep on updating the image on our dashboard?

This code seems like it would work but it seems like they are using a custom package.

We used this block of code and it worked:


If your camera is formatted for use through your radio it should work fine.

That code goes in the CRIO, basically we want the image to go directly from the camera to the control computer. We really do not want to get the CRIO involved at all.

I’m pretty sure you could find the mjpeg stream via an HTTP connection