Camera interference and <R02>

I have seen a lot of posts about teams not being able to paint there robots cretin colors, and saying these things are not allowed because they might interfere with a camera tracking system. I was just wondering where everyone thinks the line is going to be drawn.

For example if a team decides to only track one color and not use the vision target as its intended is that not the teams fault for not tracking the target properly?

My team has 3 robots that are identical in color to the green on the vision target on the floor around our field, one of which is towing the trailer we are testing our tracking on, and our walls are painted red and green! but after some tuning and the use of two color tracking it could care less about whats around it.

I guess what I’m saying is why should anything short of painting your robot pink AND green be considered potentially in interference with the target.

if this is a repeat thread i apologize, i searched and i couldn’t find anything specifically about the topic and not in relation to any one particular robot.

I think we will rely heavily on GP and that this will end up being a learning experience. I can guarantee that at least one robot will be mistaken for a trailer.

I think the interference we will see the most of is where a team’s acceptance limits are too wide, and an off color bot will be thresholded as pink or green. In this case, it will look like the bottom color block is huge, which will imply that the trailer is really close. This will lead to premature dumping.

Therefore, I strongly suggest teams tighten up their thresholds AND make sure that the top and bottom areas are comparable.