Camera is suddenly not detected by raspberry pi but works with my computer

I am using the camera VHD J1702C and a raspberry pi 4 to do some image recognition. It was working fine till now, but today it suddenly stopped detecting the camera on the rpi, although it is still working on my computer.

What vision processor are you using on the pi?

Never mind we fixed the issue, the camera wasn’t getting enough electricity.

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Im having a very similar issue, how did you detected that the camera wasn’t getting enough electricity?

The led light on the camera was flashing really fast and turning on and off randomly. If you’re using the wpilibpi image, try running the example code that comes with it. If it’s still not working right, the problem probably is not your code. You should plug the Raspberry Pi into a roborio and use a good quality cable. This will help make sure (for most usb cameras as I am aware of) the camera has enough power. If it starts working properly, then not enough electricity was probably the issue.

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