Camera Issues With Creating a User

Hi, I’m currently trying to go through the camera setup guide. I am understanding that I first need to create a valid username and then run the Setup Axis Camera VI file.

However, when I connect my camera to my computer via ethernet and set the static IP, I cannot access the webpage. I ping the camera and receive a response - so I know I have a connection.

Anyone know what might be the problem ?

Are you using IE? There might be an issue if you are using a different browser. What exactly is the computer set to? put “http://” in the url in the browser. You might try resetting the camera by holding the reset button when power is turned on.

I’ve never had a problem with IE or with strict http:// prefixes. My guess is that the computer IP was not in the 192.168.0.xx range for the wired NIC.

Greg McKaskle